C O M P L E T E    I N D E X

A media luz (With the lights down low)
Adios arrabal (Goodbye, old slum)
Al compás del corazón (To the beat of the heart)
Alma de bandoneón (The soul of the bandoneón)
Alma de Bohemio (Bohemian soul)
Bailarín compadrito (Badass dancer)
Bandoneón arrabalero (Ghetto-born bandoneón)
Cafetín de Buenos Aires (Buenos Aires tavern)
Calla bandoneón (Be quiet, bandoneón)
Cambalache (Pawnshop)
Caminito (Little road)
Caricias (Caresses)
Carnaval de mi barrio (Carnival of my neighborhood)
Cascabelito (Little jing-a-ling)
Charlemos (Let's chat)
Como dos extraños (Like two strangers)
Desde el alma (From the soul)
Dos corazones (Two hearts)
Duelo criollo (Dagger duel)
El adiós (The goodbye)
El choclo (Corncob)
El ciruja (The surgeon)
El día que me quieras (The day you ever love me)
El hipo (The hiccup)
El once (The eleventh)
El vals soñador (The dreamer waltz)
Ella es así (That's how she is)
En esta tarde gris (This darkened afternoon)
Esquinas porteñas (Dockside street-corners)
Esta noche (Tonight)
Esta noche me emborracho (I'm gonna get me drunk tonight)
Farol (Streetlamp)
Flor de Monserrat (The flower of Monserrat)
Hotel Victoria (Victory Hotel)
Humillación (Shame)
La abandoné y no sabía (I left her and I had no idea)
La cumparsita (The little marching band)
La vida es una milonga (Life is a milonga)
Llorar por una mujer (To cry over a girl)
Lo pasao pasó (The past has passed away)
Los ejes de mi carreta (The axles of my wagon wheels)
Madame Ivonne (Madame Yvonne)
Madreselva (Honeysuckle)
Mañana zarpa un barco (A ship goes out tomorrow)
Milonga querida (Sweetheart milonga)
Muchacho (My fellow)
Nada (Nothing)
Naranjo en flor (The orange tree in bloom)
Niebla del riachuelo (Mist upon the harbor)
No vuelvas Maria (Don't come back, Maria)
Oigo tu voz (I hear your voice)
Paciencia (Have patience)
Pajaro ciego (Blind bird)
Patotero sentimental (Sentimental gangster)
Pensalo bien (Think over it well)
Poema (Poem)
Por una cabeza (Lost by a head)
Que te importa que te llore (What's it to you that I'm crying)
Quiero verte una vez mas (I've got to see you one more time)
Recién (Only now)
Recuerdo (A memory)
Remembranza (Remembrance)
Remolino (Whirlwind)
Romance de barrio (Neighborhood romance)
Sin palabras (Without a word)
Soñar y nada más (To do nothing but dream)
Soñemos (Let's dream on)
Suerte loca (Crazy luck)
Te aconsejo que me olvides (I suggest that you forget me)
Toda mi vida (The whole of my life)
Traiga otra caña (Line up another shot)
Trasnochando (Up all hours)
Tres esquinas (Three corners)
Una emoción (One emotion)
Uno (One)
Yira, yira (Round she goes)
Yuyo brujo (Witches' brew)
Yuyo verde (Greener grass)

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